Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sainsbury's Halloween Haul.

So, I was on a driving lesson the other day and I had to stop to get some money out to pay my instructor. We stopped at Sainsbury's and I went to use the cash point, which happened to be out of service, so I had to go inside to get cashback. As I walked inside the shop, I couldn't help but notice all the fantastic Halloween items on sale.

As I was on a driving lesson, I had to resist buying it all. So I asked Kieran when we next go into town if we could pop into Sainsbury's on the way back, to get decorations, costumes and other Halloweeny bits and bobs.

I probably spent more than what I should have done but some of it we can use again for next year and we will definitely have a Halloween to remember this year. Unfortunately I have misplaced the receipt, so I cant tell you the individual prices but it came to in total around £80-90.

I'm so happy with the things I have purchased. keep reading if you are interested or looking for some last minuet Halloween ideas.

 Halloween costumes.

I got 2 vampire costumes for the boys and a pumpkin costume for Imogen.
Beth's costume still fits from last year so I was going to put he in it again this year but she has fallen in love with the pumpkin costume that I may have to purchase another.

I love these costumes, the vampire costumes look so smart and they light up with red flashing lights. And Imogen looks so cute and funny as a pumpkin.

The cost of the vampire was £14 and the pumpkin was £10
The vampire costume also comes with a mask.
I also got some fangs, face paint and some fake blood, just in-case the didn't want to wear the mask.


I got so many decorations and there is a good selection in Sainsbury's this year. I cant wait to put them up with the kids.

all of these priced from £3-£8
Other Bits And Bobs 

I got a few other bits and bobs that i have saved for last as they are my favourite.


I got these for my little girl Bethany, she will love having her hair and nails gone for Halloween.
I cant remember how much the nails were but they weren't too much and as you can see from the picture the hair accessories were £3.
I absolutely love these I think they are so cute.

 This terrifying craft kit is one of my best buys. Its fantastic for getting your little ones involved with decorating your house with the posters they make. me and my little ones had so much fun with this.
the set comes with a selection of different coloured card, big, spongy bats and pumpkins and small ghosts and skulls, spooky sequins, pipe cleaners and pompoms. 
The only problem I had with this item, is that it comes without glue, so if you do decide to buy it make sure to get glue too if you don't have some already. 

 i don't seem to wear jewellery very often, since having my little ones, as it tends to get played with and pulled about. last year i decided to get some dangley skeleton ear rings and completely forgot to wear them on Halloween night so I was going to wear then this year but then I saw these and they looked awesome so I couldn't resist.
 these were £3.

Buckets for TRICK OR TREATING I got four, one for each of my little monsters they were £1 each which I think is really good for the money.

I saved the next two items for last , as I really love them.

 These lights are so much fun I love.
 They cost £10 and are well worth it.
I don't usually buy flashy, musical decorations as I think they're sometimes a bit tacky but these are amazing and I couldn't resist.

last but defiantly not least.....
 Is this beautiful Halloween themed candle holder.
I fell in love with this the moment I saw it and it cost me £10.
I love the way the silhouette of a tree appears on the wall behind. And how the light shines through the windows of the haunted house.  

And that is it. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and I'm really looking forward to it this year. How about you?? Tell me what you do on Halloween and about the spooky stuff you have purchased and creepy crafts you have come up with.

Thanks for reading and have a happy Halloween. 

"The wind of change blows. some build walls, while others build windmills."

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