Sunday, 2 October 2016

make a kawaii planner.

I am probably the most disorganised person in the whole entire universe. But ever since i have started my blog, my mind has exploded with lots of different ideas and crazy thoughts. The problem is i have nowhere to store  them... I need a planner!!....

Another problem is the fact its October already and the planner I want to is a bit  expensive for something I am only going to use for 3 months.

so I decided to make my own. that way I can personalise it the way I want and maybe look to getting the planner I would really like in the new year....  I just need something temporary for the time being.

if you are interested in making your own personal kawaii organiser than please keep reading my quick and easy, step by step tutorial on how I made mine.

Lets Start.

  • Grab Yourself A Notebook.

I found mine laying around the house but you can get them in places like home bargains fairly cheap.  

  • design your first page/cover.

  • divide your pages up into 7 sections.

I chose simple rectangles for my sections. you can choose whatever shaped/ sized sections you  want.... Just make sure you have enough room to writyour daily events in them.

  • Go over with a black pen and write the days of the week in each section.
Don't forget to rub out your guidelines.

  • Now you are ready to decorate your planner.
Use different stickers washi or deco tapes post it notes and gel pens to add your own personal touch.
I got most of my stickers from
But you can pick them up easily from a stationary or craft store.
  • now you are ready to write things in your planner.
  • finishing touches.
I used a cute tab to mark the month of the year so i can find an event easier.
make sure if you do this to stagger them
i got the tabs of ebay They come in a lot of different cute designs and they are also reasonably priced.

another good idea is to put post it notes in the front so they are easy to get to if you need them they also help put personality to your planner as the add a bright splash of colour.
You could also try adding pockets for extra notes .

This is a fun little project for all ages whether you're at school/work or just need an extra space to store excess thoughts

Thank you for reading. I hope you have as much fun making your planner as I did making mine.

"The seed of goodness is found in the soil of appreciation"


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