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Paranormal Experiances

Ever since I was a little girl I have seen unexplainable things and had unexplainable experiences with the paranormal.

Being that time of year again and the month of Halloween, I thought I would share a few of my experiences with you little pumpkins.

There are so many people who claim to have had and experience with ghosts and the paranormal, yet most seem fake and are only there to get views and attention on social media. Everything I tell you about my paranormal experiences is 100% the TRUTH! Some of them may have a scientific theory behind them but I don't think it makes the experience less scary and some I don't think can explained.

sceptic or not there are so many reports on people all around the world through out history that have claimed to have had some sort of encounter with the paranormal and whether you have experienced something or not I think it's a little naive to rule out the idea of paranormal beings completely.

so without further ado I give to you.....

Five Of My Paranormal Experiences.


When I was really little, maybe 2 years old or so, my mum told me I would often come down for breakfast and talk about the old man who sits at the end of my bed and tell me stories. Personally I don't really remember this event and I was too young to remember but my grandmother also confirmed this story and even if it is just a young child's imagination it doesn't make the story any less creepy.


It was really late at night. I was 5 at the time and I remember it clearly. Me and my brothers were all tucked up, fast asleep in our beds but my mum and her boyfriend at the time were still up, doing what ever it is grown ups in the 90's did. I woke up to a loud BANG!! The noise had also woken my brothers up.  I got up out my bed and walked out of my bedroom door on to the landing to find my mum and her boyfriend breaking the lock on the bathroom door.

The reason they were braking the lock off the door was because it had locked all by its self from the inside. My mum thought that maybe one of us kids were locked in there but the bathroom was empty and no windows were open so no-one could have got in or out, if  it was the case that someone had locked it.  we had an old and very stiff slide lock on our bathroom door, so it could not have been locked from the outside. I have thought maybe if the door had been slammed then the lock may have slid across but that seems very unlikely considering the lock was so stiff.

One of my brothers had also experienced being pushed out of the bathroom by an unseen force earlier on that day.

This experience is just one of many that I had experienced in my mums house. others include disembodied foot steps, strange knocks at the door or around the house, lights and appliances turning on and off, things being thrown, e.c.t. 


I  had moved out of my childhood home at this point and was looking after my two young boys, they must have been about 2 and 3 years old at the time.

It must have been about 6pm, as I was running them a bath and getting them ready for bed.

I could hear the boys giggling and playing together nicely. I went to check on them and to see what they were up to. They were in my bedroom being cheeky little monkeys. I told them to stay out of my room and closed the door behind me before placing them back in there own room where they continued to play happily.

I then went to check on the bath, as I did this I heard loud footsteps running on the landing I peered out side the bathroom door  to see what I thought was the back of my eldest child Cameron  toddling  into my bedroom. the door was open which was odd as I thought they were too little to open doors at that time.

I quickly rushed out of the bathroom to go and retrieve him from my room and said firmly "STAY OUT OF MY......." I stopped mid sentence and I turned my head to find both the boys in their room playing nicely together.  I checked my room and realising there was nobody there I closed the door behind me and continued to get my two children ready for their bath.


Me and Kieran were in the car, just chatting, as couples do. He told me that he had fallen asleep downstairs on the sofa one night and that he had been woken suddenly by 2 loud disembodied breaths in his ear. I didn't believe him as we often play pranks on each other and he often tries to scare me or make me jump. I laughed at him, brushed it off and didn't think much of it, UNTIL... About two weeks later.

The boys were at school and I had plenty of time before I had to pick them up. I put the t.v on, curled up on the sofa and drifted off to sleep. I was also woken suddenly by two disembodied, almost pant like breathes in my ear. I had no pets and there was no-one else but me in the house at the time. lets just say I defiantly believed him after that.

this wasn't the last time I experienced terrifying things happen in that house either.


When I got pregnant with my youngest baby Imogen, we had to move house as there was not enough room in our old house for 6 of us. we moved into a 3 bedroom house with a third of an acre of garden in a nice little village location. Least to say it sounds perfect for our family.

This experience takes place in our current house about 6 months after we had moved in.

My partner Kieran works most nights and this night was no different. He went off to work and I was left at home to look after our four beautiful children.

about a week or two before this event happened Kieran for one reason or another had gone in the loft and hadn't put the loft hatch back, leaving a dark opening in the landing ceiling. it felt oppressive to walk past and I remember nagging him to close it up as it made me feel extremely uncomfortable.
I don't know whether or not there is a link between the loft being left open and this particular event but a part of me feels like maybe they are.

Anyway, it was a Friday night Kieran was busy at work and me and the children had just watched a light hearted, family film,  just as we do every Friday.... I had just gotten the children settled in their beds. I looked up at the loft noticing the dark oppressive void in the ceiling. It made me feel uneasy.

The baby was still wide awake and overly playful, so I went back downstairs with her, until she was ready for sleep, the whole time feeling an unexplainable anxiety.

I was up at about 6:30am that day, so I was very tired and couldn't wait to get some shut eye but when the time came and I could finally get that long awaited  sleep, I just couldn't. I would drift off for ten minutes or so then wake up startled, this happened for at least an hour maybe two. I just could NOT settle and neither could baby Imogen. Finally me and Imogen fell asleep but Imogen was still restless. she'd  move about a lot and would cry in her sleep every so often.

At about 2am, I was suddenly woken up by a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM!! It was my youngest boy Charlie, screaming my name. I was tired and didn't really want to get out of bed, especially as the baby laying next to me was a ticking time bomb and ready to wake up at any moment, so i told him to come in bed with me, trying to reassure him he'd only had a bad dream and every thing was alright. He told me he was too scared to move, so I plucked the courage up to go and get him and bring him in with me. About five minuets later my eldest boy Cameron also climbed into bed with us and not long after that our little bop (Bethany) came into the bed too.

I had all four of my children in bed with me. We topped and tailed, the boys where down the bottom end of the bed and us girls at the top. Something must have spooked them all enough to come in my bed, and even I have to admit I felt quite restless and a little jumpy myself.

I looked at the time, it was 3am at this point and I had finally drifted back off, when once again I was woken by Charlie asking if I was standing next to him. I told him that I  wasn't and that I was trying to sleep. He told me there was a woman standing by the bed looking at him..... I told him there is no need to be afraid and that I wouldn't let any harm come to him just ignore it and try to sleep.

needless to say I didn't get any sleep for the rest of that night but my children did luckily. and the loft hatch was put back the next day.

I haven't seen any full apparitions since living here but we do often see a shadow figure at the top of our stairs and on occasion in our hall way. it doesn't scare me so much now as I'm used to seeing it.

So there you have it.... Five of many of my spooky, scary and true paranormal experiences. I hope you enjoyed reading them and they didn't scare you too much.

I'm more at ease with the paranormal now. It used to be something that really scared me and I have tried all sorts of things to either stop myself believing in the paranormal or try to rationalise the things I have seen.

I have come to the conclusion, that I'm not completely out of my my mind and that maybe some people are more susceptible to the spirit world than others and just because you haven't necessarily witnessed something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist....

I have no intention of encouraging spirits or ghosts or whatever you want to call them into my life, more than what I have already but I have come to realise that seeing and experiencing the paranormal is a part of who I am. And I defiantly have an interest in the the paranormal due to what I have seen and experienced.

I know I'm not the only one with strange experiences with the paranormal, so please leave comments as I would love to hear about your stories and experiences.

Thanks for reading and....

                 HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

"To be upset over what you don,t have, is to waste what you do have"

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