Friday, 30 September 2016

Rare Ixworth Chickens.

A few weeks ago me and my partner (Kieran) decided we would get chickens. We started off with 3 cute, fluffy bantams, a grey fluffy one we named Rosie, a white one we named Frisky and brown one named Daisy. We enjoyed having them so much that we decided to get another one. She is speckled and we named her peppa, she is a really pretty bird. Our neighbours also gave us a cockerel and another chicken.

I had noticed some strange behaviour coming from frisky she was quite grumpy and she spent all day laying in her coop. She wasn't even coming out for food or water.

At first i thought maybe she was sick. until I realised she was broody and was sitting on eggs.

Me and Kieran live in the small village of Ixworth, Suffolk, England. We have lived in the village for just over a year and as we were doing research about the place we came across Ixworth chickens.

we looked into them a bit further and discovered they were bred in the village.

We thought living in Ixworth, we should get Ixworth chickens.

When we went online to find out more about them we discovered they were quite pricey. The  hens were £60 and the cocks were £120.

kieran came across a place that sold and sent their eggs. We ordered 12 from a poultry breeder in Lincolnshire and they were sent on a 24 hour shipment.

we recived them today an put them close to Frisky, hoping that she would adopt and sit on them.                                                                                   

when i went to check on her i found not only Frisky sitting on the eggs, but also Rosie.

The breed is rare and has almost died out in the uk, so if this works and the chicks hatch it will be FANTASTIC!!

      Facts About Ixworth Chickens.    

  • The Ixworth is an English breed of white domestic chicken.
  • It is a rare breed and and in the 70's it was almost extinct. Luckily over time the number of Ixworths has increased. Although it is still classed as endangered species.
  • Their feathers are white as are there beak, skin, feet, flesh and shanks.
  • They were created by Reginald Appleyard in 1932. he also created the silver Appleyard duck.  
  • They are a dual purpose breed, a fast-growing high-quality meat bird with reasonable egg-laying ability.

Photo courtesy of Andy cawthray.
"Start each day with a grateful heart".   

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