Thursday, 29 September 2016

Going Back To College.

I never really took much interest in learning when I was In school. I took it for granted and I ended up leaving school with no qualifications and not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life.  I somehow managed to get into college on a performing arts course. I got a first diploma and a1st year national diploma. But I couldn't finish my second year national as I had the news I was pregnant. So I left college to raise a family, still not really knowing what I wanted out of life, with qualifications I would probably never use.

Over the past ten years or so I have had more time to think about my life and my interests  and what I would like to be... I have always had a fondness for history and different cultures, so I believe I will enjoy a career involving these aspects. 

Any job is good if it helps to support yourself or a family but I know Working on a minimum wage in a job I dislike isn't for me.

So this year I intend to go back to college and redo my GCSEs so I may one day go to university and work my way to a career that I would really love to do. I don't want to wake up every morning dreading what the day has in store for me because I hate my job. But instead wake up excited every morning loving what I do.

I also want to set a good example for my children, And to encourage them to study hard.

Being the dippy one within my family an friends I felt that when I told people about the fact I wanted to better myself and go back to studying in college that I wasn't taken seriously by some and getting comments like, "Why would you want to do that?" Or "Your going to be an old women by the time you finished!". Although I knew they meant nothing by it and most people were supportive their comments stuck with me left me slightly disheartened and not so confident in myself, thinking maybe I can't do it and if there was any point to me trying. 

Nonetheless I decided to go back and study. I know it will take a long time for me to get to where I want to be but I will work my hardest and do my best as I know it will be worth it when I do eventually pass.

And if things unfortunately don't go the way I plan, it doesn't matter as I would have tried and hopefully enjoyed myself along the way.

What I am trying to say is, regardless of your age, I.Q, gender etc.... If you want to do something or you want to go back to study then it's okay to try. And if you want it bad enough you should be willing to work as hard as you can for it. No matter how much someone puts you down or criticises you for being older or less smart than others..... Do what you love doing for you and no one else as it will effect your life in the future and not theirs.

"Believe in the person you want to become."


  1. Well said. I have worked since leaving school many moons ago and can in all honesty tell you that I have only had one job that I did not enjoy and I did not stay there too long. It is good to get up in a morning and be happy to go to work - lets face it we spend hours away from home earning the money for cars, family holidays, school trips, clothes, hobbies - there is something satisfying in looking around you and thinking I earned that. But if it is a job you hate the joy is taken out of those things. Think positively and you will achieve your dream. I have faith in you.